Breakthrough technology, efficiency, operational flexibility and creative and passionate people. These are the pillars of SHEFIPACK, which since 1987 have enabled it to be the true partner of its customers to provide advanced and innovative solutions for corrugated cardboard packaging and displays products of the highest quality and in a manner that suits their unique needs.

SHEFIPACK offers its customers comprehensive packaging solutions from the definition of needs by customer managers with years of experience and professional knowledge in the field, design and development of packaging and displays by product engineers in the development department, creative department that designs up-to-date graphics, production with the most advanced production lines and supplies to the customer's site.

SHEFIPACK employs approximately 100 workers, with a production site of more than 6,500 square meters, which includes 2 lines for processing corrugated cardboard into packaging, 3 production lines for flat cutting of various sizes, a line of packaging which is accompanied by an external color poster on the packaging, directly on the cardboard.

In 2017 the company underwent a technological revolution, when it purchased a digital machine for INLINE printing on corrugated cardboard and many other materials. This is the first machine of its kind in Israel and gives the company's customers significant advantages in graphics quality, quantity and personalization, and cost-effectiveness, as it is the only industrial digital machine working at an industrial rate of up to 4,000 square meters per hour.

SHEFIPACK 3 Business divisions:

ShefiBOX – The production of corrugated cardboard packaging of all kinds, in every size and shape that comes to mind and for all applications in all fields of industry, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and toiletries, retail, high-tech and more.

ShefiPOP – development, design, design and manufacture at JUST IN TIME of all types of displays, racks and accessories from a wide variety of materials according to customer requirements and commitment to create prominence and differentiation for the customer's brand.

ShefiDIGITAL – Wide-format digital printing services on a variety of materials for printing houses and packaging suppliers and various displays..

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